Workforce Insight 2022 - OEUK

This wide-ranging industrial footprint means that oil and gas activity supports jobs across all regions of the UK, with some key hubs attracting the most investment. Scotland (in particular the northeast), London, the east of England, the northwest of England and the East Midlands contribute three quarters of the total employment that is supported by the offshore oil and gas industry, reflecting the clustering of

industrial and supply chain capabilities in these regions. The Deal committed industry and government to ensure that at least half of the work on energy transition projects is delivered by UK companies. If this target is met, domestic job opportunities will be substantial.

Figure 1: Distribution of oil and gas sector jobs by region

Yorkshire and The Humber 4%

East Midlands 5%

West Midlands 4%

East of England 8%

Wales 2%

South West 4%

South East 6%

London 14%

North East 2%

Northern Ireland 1%

North West 8%

Scotland 42%

Source: Experian, OEUK

Figure 2: Distribution of oil and gas sector jobs by description

Administrative & Supportive Service Activities Professional Services Land Transport, Storage & Post Finance Retail Other Manufacturing Wholesale Rubber, Plastic and Other Non-Metallic Mineral Products Computing & Information Services Metal Products Machinery & Equipment Accommodation & Food Services Utilities Other Private Services Chemicals Extraction & Mining Air & Water Transport Other

Source: Experian, OEUK



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