The Oil Industrys Best-kept Secret - A book full of inspiration and advice

‘Interesting to see the very real impact of the actions you take’ I particularly enjoy the areas of my work where I have most contact with real businesses. In many areas of my role, the taxes I work on have a fairly indirect impact on business. That’s not the case when it comes to the upstream tax regime and oil & gas companies – and I find it most interesting when you can see the very real impact of some of the actions you take. For example, when Ministers announced changes to the tax system to support brownfield developments, suddenly there were headlines about ‘jobs boosts’ as projects were given the go-ahead because of the new arrangements. You could see how your contribution had made a difference. Helen Dickinson

‘A foundation of safety and mutual reliance’ ‘The inclusiveness. Usually when you are providing catering, housekeeping and such services, they are outside the core operations. Yet this industry includes all the supply chain; there is a foundation of safety and mutual reliance – it is very much a partnership.’ Susan Elston ‘Doing the best things to improve safety’ ‘I didn’t previously know a great deal about oil & gas but, with a love of aviation and a passion for safety improvement, when the Helioffshore job came up I knew it was the job for me. I love it because there is a chance to make a difference on a global scale and it’s all about doing the best things to improve safety on the front line – how stakeholders work together to drive the things that will make the greatest difference in preventing accidents.’ Gretchen Haskins

‘An opportunity to do something you can celebrate’ I like that what we do is technically difficult – that we need technology to solve the challenges.

The solutions are rarely perfect – there is no “right way”. You constantly have to think for yourself and use your common sense. Given where we are as an industry, we have a big responsibility to solve the challenges sustainably.

The oil industry offers an opportunity to do something that you can celebrate. You can see what you’ve got at the end of the day – there’s a tangible result.

It wasn’t a consideration when I joined the industry, but I love the fact that I work with a very wide range of people. Everyone brings different perspectives. There is a diversity of minds, and we can use the power of our differences to achieve extraordinary results. Alison Goligher OBE



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