The Oil Industrys Best-kept Secret - A book full of inspiration and advice

‘More diversity than people realise’ ‘The roles I have had have been hugely diverse, which I love. It’s given me a very rounded career. People see the industry as being dominated by heavy engineering but there is much more diversity than people realise. I hope people can see that through how careers like mine have evolved. Deirdre Michie OBE

‘The important role we’re playing’ I love just how much it matters – what an important role we are all playing for the world, and it goes largely unnoticed! People do things like fill the car and never give a second thought about what’s involved in making it happen. Dame Judith Hackitt DBE FREng ‘Flexibility which goes with the lifestyle’ ‘I love the industry environment and having access to great technology. The opportunity to travel is also attractive. It’s not one we have taken full advantage of yet in terms of long-term relocations, but I have been all over the world for work and training. That’s one of the best things about being a geologist. There are great rocks in great places, as well as great conferences in great places! It’s a privilege to be paid as well as we are and to have the flexibility which goes with the lifestyle. We don’t underestimate that privilege.’ Caroline Gill

LEAD AN EXTRAORDINARY LIFE Love your job, but always remember there’s more to life than work. Enjoy the wider opportunities that come your way, and never lose sight of your priorities.

Rachel Preece, Yosemite National Park

Katy Heidenreich, Mount Babadağ, Azerbaijan

Caroline Gill (far left) mountaineering with friends

‘Think about the things that matter’ ‘My advice to my younger self would be to think more about the balance, about the things that matter. Otherwise you won’t realise it until it’s too late. The company will still be there if you don’t work the weekend.’ Roxanne Decyk



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