The Oil Industrys Best-kept Secret - A book full of inspiration and advice

getting on in the industry


‘Communicate well and possess a certain gravitas’ ‘When I’m promoting someone, I look for people skills more than anything else. You can teach technical skills but it’s harder to teach people skills. I look for people who: n Have confidence in their own skin so that, instead of worrying about how they’re doing, they can listen to what others need and then they can work with them n Are empathetic and understanding of another person’s position n Communicate well and possess a certain gravitas – this often comes with experience, so usually you get someone with the right blend of people and technical skills A younger person may seem nervous or insecure, but they could be naturally empathetic with others and willing to take a risk to get something done.’ Gretchen Haskins

Mentoring, sponsorship and professional coaching are recurring themes in the careers of many successful women in the industry.

‘Incredibly important to have a mirror’ ‘I think mentoring is key. I encourage my team to find mentors. I think it’s incredibly important to have a mirror. It helps me to structure my thinking; it puts a discipline around my thoughts and issues. You have to drive it, but it’s a really powerful tool that helps you stand back from things.’ Deirdre Michie OBE

‘Contributions beyond job delivery’ ‘I always look for someone with a track record of delivering their job, but who is also actively developing themselves and their team. I look to see what contribution they are making beyond themselves. Are they developing someone else, or can they show they’re looking at how to use a new technology that will help the business?’ Leigh-Ann Russell



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