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PROMOTION CHECKLIST n Demonstrate you can do your own job well

‘Sometimes it’s about bringing in somebody different’ ‘The manager who first recruited me into the industry told me that he was looking for someone different. I had the edge because I was a woman and I was coming in from outside his organisation. Sometimes it’s not about me is whether they have the passion and a genuine interest in it. You can always see if it’s there. They’ll asking interesting questions and inquire about the broader opportunities the role might offer.’ Dame Judith Hackitt ‘Passion and genuine interest: you can always see if it’s there’ ‘When I’m looking to recruit, I look for a sense of passion. Most people can speak about the job and what it entails, but what fires

n Understand the wider context of the office where you work

n Demonstrate that you can take on other challenges

n Understand the requirements of the next job

n Get feedback on how you’re doing

n Put your name forward for promotion

n Look outside, for other roles in the company or in the wider industry

n Check out whether you are being paid fairly

n Develop your interpersonal skills and help develop those around you

n Aim high. Why not?

‘Be honest, authentic and positive’ ‘I look for someone who will appreciate the contribution from the rest of the team, but will also understand their own contribution. I like to see someone with energy; someone who is honest, authentic and positive in attitude. I like people who are goal focused; they don’t necessarily need to be the best technically. They also need to be good communicators.’ Myrtle Dawes

promoting the next person in line; sometimes it’s about bringing in somebody different. That difference is not necessarily always about gender – it can also be about coming from a different industry or age range.’ Susan Elston



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