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THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX There are many ways to advance your career, beyond the conventional step of moving up the ladder in your current sphere. There may be opportunities in associated areas of the business, or in moving into new management roles. There might even be the potential to work overseas. Spend time looking at all the options, even if it means looking at opportunities outside your organisation. And don’t be afraid to test your worth: you might be surprised how different bosses, organisations or even companies value your expertise.

Wider contribution to office success’ ‘My appointment criteria range from the technical quality of someone’s work to their wider contribution to office success, perhaps in areas such as training and marketing. It’s also important to see if an individual is turning into the right kind of partner. In the legal profession, it’s not just about legal skills but understanding the commercial context in which they are being applied. It is about judgement; making the best judgement for the client as well as for our business.’ Judith Aldersey Williams

‘Define success on your own terms’ ‘It’s not just about promotion, but about succeeding in what you choose to do. In no particular order, I’d advise: n Do something you love n Have a sense of your own achievement; whatever you do, do it to the best of your ability – embrace every task with 100% effort n Don’t let other people tell what you can do, or what you should be. At the same time, be ready to accept feedback n Be true to yourself and what you believe in. Make a conscious choice and then stick by it. If you’re not happy about something, then address it; don’t be a victim n Have fun. It’s important to keep a balance; define

‘Softer skills are important’ ‘Assuming that someone has the technical skills required for a role, then the softer skills are important. For example, how do they deal with people or with conflict? How do they make things happen? Self awareness is also very important; in other words, someone who knows who they are and can articulate that. I also look for someone who can overcome adversity. I need to know that when the going gets tough, they will have the resilience to get through it.’ Vivienne Cox CBE

success on your own terms, not on those of other people’

Alison Goligher OBE



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