The Oil Industrys Best-kept Secret - A book full of inspiration and advice

starting out in the industry

LIFE AT THE FRONT LINE OF OPERATIONS Most oil & gas jobs are based onshore. However there are opportunities to take up roles in a diverse range of disciplines in offshore operations as well as to work on projects abroad. In the modern-day industry it’s an exciting, dynamic and inclusive workplace – but be prepared for life in a very different environment.

BE READY TO SEIZE OPPORTUNITIES Almost everyone interviewed for this book, the authors included, can reflect on ‘opportunistic’ careers that haven’t followed a planned path. They’ve embraced opportunities without necessarily knowing where they might ultimately lead. If a door opens, don’t be afraid to step through it…

‘Taking conscious decisions helps you have control’ ‘Always be conscious of the phase of life you’re in, and don’t wait for things to happen. Being aware of your choices, and taking conscious decisions, helps you to have control. If you’re waiting for something to

come along, it won’t!’ Deirdre Michie OBE

‘A failure will never undermine me because I know I’ll have done my best’ ‘I’m very curious intellectually and believe this has allowed me to take risks. I’m very resilient so even when something I am taking on might fail, I never feel that it will undermine me because I know I’ll have done my best. I have a ‘no harm, no foul’ philosophy on life.’ Roxanne Decyk

‘Life offshore is a different world’ Life offshore is a different world… the platforms and FPSOs are amazing feats of engineering. The camaraderie is second to none, which is important when you’re together for weeks at a time. To round it all off, I get to take a helicopter to work! Lindsey Gordon

‘Didn’t feel I was treated differently’ ‘When I joined the industry, I didn’t really think about the fact that it was male dominated. During my time working on a land rig in Canada, I was usually the only woman there and never felt uncomfortable. There were a few people my age there. I didn’t feel as if I was being treated differently; if anything it’s usually people being nicer to you.’ Lauren Adams



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