The Oil Industrys Best-kept Secret - A book full of inspiration and advice

Where educated: Banff Academy, Robert Gordon University

With a scanning electron microscope, it was possible to produce beautiful pictures. We would frame and exhibit them at conferences and events. People wouldn’t realise the source material was a bug that you had sucked out of a puddle! Membership of an organisation like the SPE opens up a world of possibilities. You get so many opportunities as a society volunteer. I see people absolutely flourish; if there’s something that’s their particular passion, they can just go with it. They gain so much, not just professionally but in the friendships they can often make. It also means they sustain an instant professional network as they move around in their career. I’ve seen instances of our younger volunteers come together to develop and run their own initiatives, doing everything from the organisational and sponsorship work to hosting events at which other SPE members can broaden their knowledge. It’s great to see. With the SPE, people can start as a volunteer and work their way up to become a Committee Chair and on to Section Board, where they really feel part of something and that their opinion will be heard at board level. I love the diversity of the oil & gas industry. It’s always such a privilege to meet such a diverse range of people from so many backgrounds. You’re dealing with different kinds of personalities all the time. It was the same when I worked at the Rowett: you were routinely dealing with people from all over the world, who often had very different ways of working with women because of their cultural background. You had to learn to deal with it – to adapt.

“I see people absolutely flourish; if there’s something that’s their particular passion, they can just go with it.” Advice to your 15-year- old self? Don’t be scared of a challenge. There is no such thing as can’t! A moment of inspiration? There are inspiring moments every new day. I’m doing a fun job and each day with the SPE brings new things.

Board Secretary of SPE Aberdeen Section


SPE Aberdeen Section Manager

Completed NC 500 Raised £6,000





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