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Gretchen Haskins

Chief Executive Officer Helioffshore Ltd

You can form ambitions at an early age. As a child I spent a lot of time ice skating – sometimes eight hours a day – and really wanted to compete at the Olympics. The skating played a big role in helping me set goals for myself and work towards them; I knew that hard work led to improvement. That ethos carried over to my school studies: I had a deal that I had to get straight As in order to be allowed to go ice skating, and it worked! When I went on to join the US Air Force Academy in Colorado, the dedication paid off and I came closer to realising my childhood ambition. The academy

Gretchen Haskins is a leader in safety performance improvement in the aviation industry and an internationally recognised expert in human factors. She’s served in the U.S. Air Force, been advisor to NATO, flown, designed and tested jet aircraft, and dedicated her career to initiatives that support human performance on the frontline. In recent years she has been group director of safety at NATS and group safety director on the board of the UK Civil Aviation Authority, before becoming chief executive officer of global helicopter industry association Helioffshore.

1983 “I knew that hard work led to improvement” US Air Force Academy with sister Mary at the US Air Force Academy 1983 World University Games

US Air Force Pilot Training, REESE AIR FORCE BASE, TEXAS




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