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Welcome to Offshore Energies UK #54 C hallenging though it now is to finance projects to produce oil and gas, our sector is doing good work to raise the nation's security of energy supply while continuing to lower its emissions. As this issue of Offshore Energies UK Magazine testifies, our members have been active across the board. But thewar inUkraine andunsustainably high energy prices have erected major obstacles in Europe's progress to net-zero emissions. Today's wholesale gas and power prices are simply not sustainable. Downstream, high energy costswill compel major energy consumers to look at their business operations. Many have already cutmanufacturing output while othersmaymove abroadwhere feedstock is cheaper. Others may shut down, perhaps permanently. Europe is part of a global gas market where not all buyers are equal: some are state-owned with captive or subsidised consumers; others are fighting for survival in the buy-sell margins. Manymidstream companies have come to grief, notably the German giant, Uniper. The expected deliveries of Russian gas have not materialised. Operations to provide the nation with clean oil and gas remain the bedrock for many of our members. We therefore welcome this year's licensing rounds for oil and gas production and the first of its kind for carbon capture and offshore storage. However, unless it is modified, the Energy Profits Levy could jeopardise the outcome of both these rounds. It could become a serious investment deterrent, risking energy security and the country's net zeroambitions, andthe jobs that gowiththem.Maximising theeconomicrecoveryofUKCShydrocarbons is also a goal of the upstream regulator. So it is vitally important that the government and Treasury work closely with the sector and restore the tripartite relationship which has worked well. It is surely better for government to have a healthy flow of tax income over decades than a short-term peak followed by an equally rapid decline as investors seek better returns elsewhere. OEUK is working alongside its members to produce technical documents, the most recent additions to our collection -- free to members -- covering emissions, safety and wells. We know that the sector's licence to operate is conditional and that it must uphold its side of the North Sea Transition Deal. Our members are tackling the many challenges in different ways: cutting emissions, boosting safety, promoting new technology and providing vital training and support services at home and abroad. Advanced technology is often key to raising efficiency and cutting costs by reducing downtime and anticipating problems before they occur. Research and project planning also contribute to the safe transport of dense-phase CO2. And enabling workers to switch sector, as the energy transition makes necessary, will also oil the wheels of the machinery. We also held three very well-attended conferences this autumn on exploration (London), energy law (Aberdeen) and decommissioning (St Andrews). These provided great networking opportunities as well as major updates in each area. OEUK has also published reports on decommissioning, exploration, the workforce and health & safety. Last, if you would like to see your business featured in the next issue, we welcome any positive news at For now, we wish you a happy festive season.

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