Offshore Energies Magazine - Winter 2022/23

Noble Corp's HSE director Barry Quinn holds the 2021 OEUK Business Innovation award, with Nassima Brown (right) and other members of the Fennex team.

Founded in 2016 by oil and gas international professionals with over 25 years global industry experience, Fennex is an innovative tech company, a trailblazer with a passion to speed-up the digital transformation within the energy sector. Contact details: The digital transformation of the energy industry will play a central role in driving performance and Fennex is ideally placed to support that journey, explains Nassima, “Prior to the pandemic, the energy sector was lagging behind other industries in terms of its digital maturity but, over the last two years there has been a major acceleration of digitisation in all aspects of operations. “Organisations are increasingly understanding that cloud technology not only provides a much more flexible way to scale technology and break down silos but provides the ability to enhance how they access actionable insights through the use of machine learning and artificial intelligence – it’s only through cloud-hosted solutions that they can achieve that. We see that as the future. And today, if you are not in the cloud wagon, you will be left behind. These things only exist in the cloud,” she concludes. Fennex says its technologies could be applied to the entire offshore energy sector, including fixed and mobile production facilities, CO2 injection into underground structures offshore and offshore wind assets.

“Today, if you are not on the cloud wagon, you will be left behind. These things only exist on the cloud.”

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