Offshore Energies Magazine - Winter 2022/23

"In hazardous environments, multinational teams need to be able to communicate and share data quickly and effectively but it’s something many companies struggle with."

about the energy transition and net zero. We know digital will have to play a critical role in that. We are positioning ourselves to play that role. “As a drilling engineer, I can sit down with a company’s CCS teamand drawon decades of oil and gas experience. The way for the renewable industry to survive and drive the transition is for it to be extremely lean and cost effective. Digital technology will be a cornerstone,” says Nassima. Weather monitoring platform As an ambitious and innovative company, Fennex is constantly exploring newways that it can use technology to provide the energy sector with insights to drive perfor-mance. Its newest solution, EWM™ (Extreme Weather Monitoring), integrates cutting-edgemetocean forecasts and models, operational constraints and live risk-analysis data into a cloud-based digital solution for each offshore asset, to support fast decision-making where time is in very short supply. The platform is in development and is expected to attract demand from international markets – specifically those where operators face the threat of forced sudden platform closure during hurricanes and cyclones.

Following the success of the BBSS, Noble is continuing its collaboration with Fennex as part of the drilling company’s planned merger with Maersk which will see it expand its digitisation capability to integrate Maersk’s assets. The merger will create the biggest drilling contractor in the world. Transferability to the energy transition As well as its obvious benefits to the oil and gas sector, Fennex sees potential within other high-risk environments including offshore wind and carbon capture and storage (CCS). Both these sectors rely on HSE and asset integrity compliance and the platform has been developed to address these. In relation to that, Nassima has been appointed an executive director of the Aberdeen Renewable Energy Group (AREG), which is focused on positioning the northeast as a world leading centre of excellence for the production and use of renewable energy. “We’re not talking about the energy transition for fun: we make work more effective, saving on resources, and reducing the carbon footprint. Our ambition is very real. We want to create a place for Fennex and my role in AREG is proof of that. We are part of the conversation

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