Offshore Energies Magazine - Winter 2022/23

BBSS gains traction through ease of use BBSS is Fennex’s intellectual property and is a good example of machine learning, digitisation and contextualisation. Workers both on and offshore can identify a potential hazard and log it in real-time using any device such as a tablet or amobile by simply scanning a QR code or sending a voice message. “In hazardous environments, multinational teams need to be able to communicate and share data quickly and effectively but it’s something many companies struggle with. We provide the tools for organisations to break down barriers, better collaborate, bring their teams together and enable them to participate in one of the most critical processes of any hazardous industry. “BBSS digitises what remains to this day a largely paper-based exercise of safety report cards. These are not only cumbersome to complete but are hugely time consuming for the data to be recorded and analysed. With our tool, an executive in Houston can log on to the BBSS page and see all the risks inputted across an asset, region, or enterprise, in various languages, and contextualised in English,” added Nassima.

The solution was developed in partnership with Noble, which was already a client, and saw workforce engagement with health and safety initiatives increase by 30%, cut the hours required to collate the data by 15,000 hours and reduce overall costs by 70%. Data submitted from one rig in one country could reveal a bigger pattern of failure only in combination with other data about other rigs. The software works in 30 languages - and anyone who has used Google Translate professionally over the past few decades will have noticed the dramatic improvement in the fluency of the target language and the almost complete elimination of blanks. “Rigs move around the globe and so the composition of the workforce also changes. There could be 20 nationalities on a rig in the North Sea but then it moves elsewhere with a different crew speaking a different mix of languages. BBSS helps to break down barriers by making it easier and quicker for risks to be reported and that information to be collated. The earlier the message is delivered, the sooner it can be assessed, and any necessary action can be taken,” said Nassima.

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