OGUK Pathway to a Net-Zero Basin: Production Emissions Targets Report 2020

Identified Priorities for Emissions Reduction

A post-Brexit carbon pricing mechanism that recognises the need for support for step-change decarbonisation of upstream oil and gas activities and the risk of carbon leakage

Increase scope for innovation in offshore wind technology to power oil and gas production, through a separate CFD for offshore floating wind

Continued support and recognition for role that UKCS plays in the UK’s net zero future

Develop regulatory model for CCS and commit to support transport and storage and infrastructure development into the 2030s, to ensure that a pipeline of projects is in place to progressively deploy at scale

Cross-regulator support and commitment to establishing strategic offshore electricity networks, to support offshore energy integration

Create effective business models for Industrial CCUS and hydrogen e.g. Contract For Difference (CFD) that supports projects in the near term


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