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Frequently Asked Questions


Is the industry doing enough to reduce carbon emissions? UK offshore oil and gas production accounts for 3% of UK GHG emissions. We have recently published a commitment to achieve a net zero  basin by 2050. We are the first industry to make such a commitment.


Why aren’t we committing to eliminate all emissions linked to oil and gas? The use of oil and gas for energy manufacturing is driven by a wide range of consumer demands. To reduce these requires a collaborative effort by every industry, every company and every individual in society. We are playing our part alongside everyone else. How can we trust that your plan isn’t just greenwash? Our industry is providing a secure energy supply, reducing production emissions and developing low carbon technologies. Roadmap 2035 is a credible plan to support governments net zero ambitions for our industry, and help society more widely with the development of low carbon tech.



Why can’t we leave it in the ground and rely on renewables for our energy needs? To artificially restrict production of oil and gas from the UK whilst demand remains will only lead to increased imports of oil and gas which do not benefit the UK and will bring little or no impact on emissions at a global level.


What’s the case against divestment? The UK oil and gas industry is part of the solution to tackling emissions and it is better to work with the industry to enable this.

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