OGUK Diversity & Inclusion Survey Report - April 2021

Change is accelerating

executive summary change is accelerating key findings society as a guide for the future

Survey respondents demographic

Around 1600 people from over 100 different organisations across 23 job families completed the D&I survey. Most of the respondents were male ( 55% ), white ethnic background ( 84% ) and based in Scotland ( 80% ). 11% of the survey respondents were from a ethnic minority background. 10% of respondents identified themselves as LGTBQ+ or preferred not to say. 8% of the respondents identified themselves as having a disability or preferred not to say. 54% of respondents have no religion, 36% are Christian, 6% prefer not to say, 1.2% Muslim, 1% Hindu and 0.3 % Buddhist. organisation, age, gender, ethnicity and by job family. Unfortunately, in some areas, for example in relation to certain religions, there was insufficient survey data to undertake deeper analysis. The survey data was also compared to similar surveys conducted in other sectors and other comparable job families. The survey data was subsequently analysed by type of role, type of


time in the organisation

< 1 YeaR 6%




30% > 10 Years


Service Companies


24% 1-3 YearS




40% 3-10 YearS

Industry Organisations

Downstream/ Midstream

Government/ Education


46% Individual Contributor

24% Manager/ Executive

26% Team Leader

4% Others

introducing the ukcs d&i index

ukcs d&i culture


and ways of working

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