OGUK Awards Programme 2020

This year’s finalists are….

ASCO Group


Spirit Energy

ASCO Group is fully committed to providing a safe, diverse and positive working environment for all. Over the last 12 months, the company has focused on several innovative initiatives to encourage a positive workplace safety culture. As an example; Warehouse Manager Brian Turriff wrote poems in doric to relay safety messages, inspired by Jason Anker, a motivational speaker who was paralysed after a major work accident and ran sessions on behavioural safety. Promoted through a variety of toolbox talks, the poems were exceptionally well received.

Sodexo’s people strategy looks to drive understanding in corporate vision and business strategy, building belief through visible leadership and effective managers, and deployment of strategic change initiatives. Sodexo’s commitment to positive involvement and the protection of its employees has remained a priority through the coronavirus pandemic through You Said We Did, a training management app, its performance development framework, Recognition Awards and support for the community through the festive period.

The engagement and involvement of its team is central to Spirit Energy and who it aspires to be. Demonstrated by the name of the company being generated and selected by its people, in its first year The Spirit Way put care, agility, courage, delivery and collaboration at the heart of its values. The establishment of the Free Spirits community of advocates helped drive change on the ground during the formation of the new independent oil and gas business in Europe. Since then, the Free Spirits have quickly become the first port of call when the business needs to tap into the workforce-from starring in videos and documentaries to developing the framework of Spirit Energy’s Energy Transition Strategy.

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