OGUK Awards Programme 2020

This year’s finalists are….

Fairfield Energy Ltd

J+S Subsea Ltd

Shell U.K. Limited

A highly collaborative, one team approach led by Fairfield Energy in partnership with the supply chain has been central to the success of complex multi-year Dunlin decommissioning project. The pulling of well conductors is a critical scope within the wider decommissioning programme, which began in 2018. From cessation of production to final site remediation, consultation with key stakeholders formed the backdrop to the innovative thinking and integrated approach driven by Fairfield Energy. This has continued throughout the project, resulting in continuous improvements which have delivered major cost savings. Despite schedule changes stemming from COVID-19, a total of 45 conductors have now been pulled, testament to the ability of the Dunlin team and will be completed in the next 12 months.

J+S Subsea pride themselves on championing a circular economy approach to decommissioning. It launched Legacy Locker to serve as a portal for refurbished and new subsea legacy equipment where companies can buy, sell, or trade unwanted stock. Legacy Locker has saved over $20m on a single project through the refurbishment and recertification of existing equipment. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, the company’s adaptation to safety requirements has helped continue to provide crucial support to clients, allowing one to be able to continue with a scheduled

The Brent Bravo Attic Oil Recovery project was the culmination of years of

preparations to successfully pump trapped hydrocarbons from the former storage cells, into one final holding cell ready for evacuation ashore. The innovative project developed technology to tap into cells the height of Nelson’s column, through metre-thick reinforced concrete domed structures 60m above the seabed, 80 metres below the waves, without divers and with an unblemished safety record. The team’s efforts created a blueprint for cost-effective, technological innovation, repeatable execution of subsea Attic Oil Recovery, with huge significance not only for Shell but for the wider industry.

campaign that would have otherwise been cancelled.

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