OGUK Awards Programme 2020

This year’s finalists are….

John Hogg, HSSEQ Director, TAQA Bratani Ltd

Diana Samulewicz, HR Manager- Europe, ChampionX

MartinWhite, VP Europe, Halliburton

John, a leadership team member & director of HSSEQ, where he manages a team of 50, is the most prolific mentor within TAQA’s UK business. With four active partnerships in place at present, he is regarded by his colleagues as warm, engaging and colourful. John undertakes his role as mentor with the same thought and care he applies to all his professional duties. John has more than 30 years of experience and has been a mentor throughout his career, offering knowledge, insights and guidance to people across the company and wider sector, and helping set the foundations for a sustainable career in a changing industry.

Diana, an unsung hero who is helping to build ChampionX’s leadership talent pipeline, has been a driving force in developing new opportunities to maximise potential. Since joining the company six years ago, Diana progressed to her current position in 2017 and is chapter lead and a mentor of the Europe RISE Chapter’s Mentor circles programme. There are now further global plans for new RISE chapters next year thanks to the Europe RISE mentor programme success story. Diana has mentored 10 people since launching the programme and continues to volunteer on the 2020/2021 edition.

Martin started and sponsors the Eclipse programme within Halliburton Europe, which looks to identify and support future leaders in the organisation. Now in its third year, the year-long mentoring programme sees participants move through eight stages focused on different skills or attributes. Several graduates have since gone onto new roles within the company and provided tangible benefits recognised globally by the Halliburton organisation. Martin’s active involvement in the wider industry underlines his passion and commitment to bringing about positive change.

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