Economic Report 2021 - OGUK


Proserv’s technology ethos has always been based around improving efficiencies, maximising performance and extending the life and reliability of key equipment. Thatmeansusing itscoexistencecapabilitiesonsubsea control systems to refurbish existing infrastructure, avoiding the waste and environmental impact of full system replacements. Proserv’s asset enhancement solutions enable it to monitor real-time operations out in the field, helping to optimise processes and prevent excess energy and fluid use.

Equally, the company has always had clear commitments to following best practice regarding its people, their development and how the company conducts business. But leadership recognised the company needed to domore to address its own operations to bring them in linewith this technological philosophy and reflect the global responsibility towards protecting the environment. So, Proserv set about devising a range of obligations and goals in a new ESG policy. Building an environmental roadmap required pooling the combined knowledge across the group’s functions and sites, and almost 40 team members stepped forward to steer this project. The work involved analysing efficiencies around the globe and how they could be improved. The outcome from this evaluation is that Proserv now has an aspirational, yet achievable, target for reducing its carbon footprint. Proserv is committed to becoming a carbon net zero company by 2050 or sooner. This policy has recently been published on Proserv’s website.


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