Decommissioning Insight 2017

UK Northern North Sea and West of Shetland • Twelve platforms are forecast for complete or partial removal, four of which are gravity-based and the remainder large steel installations weighing between 15,400 and 70,000 tonnes. Two FPSOs are also expected to be decommissioned. • Eleven of these platforms were built prior to 1999 and weigh in excess of 10,000 tonnes, making them candidates for derogation under OSPAR rules (see section 3 on the regulatory environment). • Due to the size and complexity of platforms in these regions, removal of the topside and substructure are often carried out individually rather than as part of a multi-platform campaign. Some operators are, however, actively looking at opportunities to decommission substructures in a campaign approach. • £1.1 billion is forecast to be spent on topside and substructure removal in these regions to 2025.

UK Southern North Sea and Irish Sea • Of the 67 platforms forecast for removal, only six of these weigh more than 4,000 tonnes with the majority being


small, steel, unmanned installations that are likely to be removed by single-lift. • Platform weights range from 350 tonnes to 9,200 tonnes (1,900 tonnes on average).

• Several operators are already removing platforms in these regions as part of multi-platform campaigns spanning many years. Operators with fewer platforms are exploring opportunities to combine their activities with those of other operators. • £582 million is forecast to be spent on topside and substructure removal in these regions to 2025. Norwegian Continental Shelf • Operators forecast that 14 fixed platforms and two floating production units will be removed by 2025. • Total platform weights range from 4,000 to 30,000 tonnes (12,000 tonnes on average). • Nine of the platforms are to be removed in a multi-platform campaign approach. Danish Continental Shelf • Seventeen platforms, four of which are normally unmanned installations, are to be removed from the Danish Continental Shelf. • Platform sizes range from 970 tonnes to 22,100 tonnes (5,700 tonnes on average). • Operators plan to carry out all activity in a multi-platform campaign approach. The sizes of individual campaigns range from two to 11 platforms. Dutch Continental Shelf • Of the 150 platforms remaining in the Dutch North Sea 12 , 77 are forecast for removal by 2025. • Looking at the total inventory offshore in The Netherlands, the platforms range from small wellhead structures weighing just 500 tonnes to larger gravity-based structures of around 50,000 tonnes 13 . • Through the combined effort of EBN and NOGEPA, the Dutch industry has developed a database and Nexstep National Platform for Re-use and Decommissioning so that activity can be co-ordinated and carried out in the most efficient manner.

12 See the Netherlands Masterplan for Decommissioning and Re-use at 13 See the OSPAR Inventory of Offshore Installations 2015 at


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