Decommissioning Insight 2017

4.1 Survey Development and Methodology Data have been compiled from25 operators on theUKCS, nine in TheNetherlands, six on theNorwegian Continental Shelf and three on the Danish Continental Shelf. There are more operators with forecast decommissioning activity in the UK, reflecting the larger number of companies in the basin and its relative maturity. This year, forecasts for the UKCS were collated from raw data that operators submitted as part of the OGA’s mandatory Asset Stewardship Survey, providing even better coverage of the market than previously. Detailed interviews were also carried out with operators on the UKCS to discover how they intend to deliver the OGA’s 35 per cent cost reduction target (see section 5). Data from The Netherlands came fromNexstep National Platform for Re-use and Decommissioning, while Oil & Gas UK collected data directly from operators in Norway and Denmark. All data are structured around the components of the Decommissioning Work Breakdown Structure described in Oil & Gas UK’s Decommissioning Cost Estimation Guidelines 6 . The information is presented in a non-attributable and aggregated format. Analysis has been split by country. The UKCS data have been split further into the following groups: the central (CNS) and northern North Sea (NNS) and west of Shetland (WoS); and the southern North Sea (SNS) and Irish Sea. It should be recognised that the activity forecasts provided in this report reflect operators’ current best estimates, and the timing is subject to change. The cost estimates provided for the UKCS could also adjust as efficiency gains drive costs down, while market pressures could influence them in either direction.


With the aim of providing visibility of the whole North Sea decommissioning market, joint activity forecasts have been compiled for the UK, Norwegian, Danish and Dutch Continental Shelves, where available.

In total, decommissioning activity is forecast on 349 fields across the North Sea: 214 on the UKCS, 106 on the Dutch Continental Shelf, 23 on the Norwegian Continental Shelf and six on the Danish Continental Shelf. Forecast activity on the UKCS to 2025 is significantly higher than in other regions of the North Sea.

6 The Guideline on Decommissioning Cost Estimation is available to download at


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