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7.2.2 Southern North Sea and Irish Sea From 2015 to 2024, there are forecast to be 66 topside modules for ‘making safe’ and 65 modules for topside preparation in these regions. This is significantly lower than in the CNS and NNS/WofS areas, as a large proportion of the platforms in the SNS and Irish Sea are small satellite installations and NUIs with fewer topside modules. The total expenditure on facilities ‘making safe’ and topside preparation in these regions is therefore forecast to be much lower at £137 million over the next decade. The smaller size of the installations in the SNS and Irish Sea also means that it is possible for both ‘making safe’ and topside preparation activity to be carried out in a single year, reflected in their closely aligned schedules seen in Figure 14. Some operators do, however, plan to carry out ‘making safe’ in the year prior to topside preparation. Activity is not spread evenly across the decade, with years of high activity and years of next to no activity. Oil & Gas UK expects that this will smooth out as forecasts are revisited. Figure 14: Forecast Number of Topside Modules for ‘Making Safe’ and Topside Preparation in the Southern North Sea and Irish Sea


Increased Uncertainty in Forecasts

Facilities Making Safe

Topside Preparation




Number of Topside Modules



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Source: Oil & Gas UK

Number 2015 to 2024

Total Expenditure 2015 to 2024

Facilities 'making safe' and topside preparation Number of topside modules –facilities 'making safe' Number of topside modules –topside preparation

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