Decommissioning Insight 2015

Figure 5 overleaf breaks down the total forecast expenditure byWork Breakdown Structure component proportion for all UKCS projects, subsea projects, platform removal projects and FPSO vessel projects. It is important to note that the graphs only include the breakdown of expenditure that falls within 2015 to 2024. Decommissioning projects can span a number of years and therefore some expenditure associated with a project may fall outside the survey timeframe. In line with previous reports, well P&A remains the largest category of forecast expenditure, accounting for 46 per cent (£7.7 billion) of the total. For subsea projects, this proportion rises to 63 per cent compared to six per cent for owners’ costs. Ninety-seven per cent (£3.6 billion) of the total owners’ costs are concentrated in the CNS and NNS/WofS regions. In these areas, more platforms are typically manned resulting in much higher facility running costs and projects are also larger and more complex, with, in turn, higher operator project management costs. The owners’ costs account for 36 per cent (£2.9 billion) of expenditure on platform removal projects in these regions compared to four per cent (£115 million) in the SNS and Irish Sea regions. Removals expenditure (topsides, substructure and subsea infrastructure) accounts for 19 per cent (£1.6 billion) of the total expenditure in the CNS and NNS/WofS regions and 22 per cent (£590 million) in the SNS and Irish Sea. This is due to the lower proportion of expenditure on owners’ costs in the SNS and Irish Sea areas. Decommissioning a field serviced by an FPSO primarily involves subsea activity, although some expenditure is also associated with disconnecting the FPSO. These activities are reflected in the breakdown of expenditure seen in Figure 5. The total forecast decommissioning expenditure for fields serviced by an FPSO is £2 billion, almost all of which will be spent in the CNS and NNS/WofS regions. Sixty per cent of these costs are attributed to well P&A and 13 per cent due to subsea infrastructure removal. Removal of substructure refers to structures such as anchor points that are used to fix the vessel to the seabed and subsea templates.










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