Business Outlook 2022

Figure 4: Day-Ahead NBP Gas Price Source: ICIS





Day-Ahead NBP Gas Price (p/therm)



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Source: ICIS

Gas Prices The day-ahead UK National Balancing Point (NBP) gas price rose throughout 2021, ranging from less than 40 pence/therm (p/th) in February to £4.50 in December (average of £1.13/th), whereas the Brent crude benchmark increased by more than 50% during last year (average of $71/barrel). The first quarter of 2022 then saw record levels of turmoil and volatility owing to the impact of the war in Ukraine, with geopolitical concerns having as significant an impact on pricing as actual supply and demand balances. Russia is the world’s largest

net exporter of oil and gas combined and so the drive to displace Russian supply, in the wake of international sanctions, has led to concerns about how local and regional markets will be able to balance supply and demand. The day-ahead NBP gas price far exceeded previous record levels in early 2022, with prices closing at more than £6/ th in early March, and intra-day trades exceeding £8/th. By way of context, prices in April 2020 reached a low of 9 p/th and the average nominal daily price between 2010-20 was 47 p/th.



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